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      Need help figuring out self-care?

      self-care | kourtney thomas life coach

      Self-care is all the rage right now, especially for women.

      And that’s great!

      It’s something we really, truly do need to pay attention to. More women are experiencing burnout than ever before – personally and professionally. We’re constantly running from A to B to C, usually tending to the needs of everyone else in our lives, and it takes a toll. Self-care is a necessary reset to tend to our own needs.

      But do you ever feel like you don’t really have any idea what it all means, let alone how to make it happen for yourself?

      Yeah, you would totally not be alone if you nodded yes to that question. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve mentioned self-care to someone, only to be met with either a wide-eyed stare or an eye roll, like, “Whaaat…”

      Because how do I care for myself in a world where it’s seen as selfish? How do I figure out what that care looks like when all I know is that other people tell me it’s yoga and baths and podcasts and books? How do I make time for this on top of everything else? And really, what’s the point? I’m fine.

      Listen, I get it. But do yourself a solid and take a watch and learn the best way to get a handle on self-care in two steps. Just two.

      So what do you think? Worth it? How will you incorporate more self-care in your life?

      Because one thing I do know is worthwhile is going from fine to great, and self-care can be the difference maker.

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