Good Thing We’re Perfect Podcast: Do I need that pink jumpsuit? #moneytalk

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We talk about business a lot these days. Entrepreneurship, hustle, climbing the ladder, breaking the ceiling.

But so often we dance around talking about money.

How much do you talk about money? And HOW do you talk about it when you do?

Money is such a huge part of many of our lives – if we’re being honest, it’s an influence and a driver, positive and negative. Yet it’s often something we don’t feel all that comfortable talking about, really at all. That can be for a lot of reasons, personal and cultural.

But as with anything else in life, avoiding the topic isn’t a great way to go.

So, we’re talking about it on the Good Thing We’re Perfect podcast, because that’s what we do. And we’re exploring all the various influences and stories associated with money, debt, managing, cultivating wealth, and how it all applies to priorities and buying pink jumpsuits. Yes, pink jumpsuits.

Take a listen here!

What do you think? I’d love to hear your thoughts on money and talking about it.

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