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      Use your resources.

      use your resources | kourtney thomas life coach

      I recently bought a book on a particular coaching methodology. It’s an awesome resource, and I’m glad to add it to my collection. But as I did that, moving stuff around, squishing it between all the other books on the shelf and praying they didn’t all collapse onto the floor, I got to thinking – how many of these resources are going unused?

      In my case, a good many of them are for show or for nostalgia. I don’t care if I never write another training program, I’m not getting rid of my out-of-print Rachel McLish books. But some of the others are more general personal and business development books that stand the test of time. And yet, they sit there collecting dust while I search out blogs and ask all my friends about the latest new releases. The stuff I already have in my own two hands is getting overlooked, and that’s a bit of a shame.

      It got me thinking, especially after a conversation with a friend who was feeling a little stuck –

      How often do we ignore the resources we have right at our fingertips?

      How often do we forget that we have the means, the capabilities, the tools, the assist, the connections, the knowledge and information we’re looking for already in our possession? I have a sneaking suspicion, it’s rather often.

      I think we all probably have those few resources that we come back to over and over again. One of mine is How to Win Friends and Influence People. Another is No Sweat. Also, my husband, and my mentor, Jody. But for all the other stuff that we’ve sought out at different times in our lives, all the other people we’ve connected with at some point or another, I think we all probably have those many resources that we neglect to come back to as well. I have tons of them piled up, both physically and digitally.

      As I thought more about this recently, I decided it was worth talking about, so I made a video for you.

      When we find ourselves in places where we’re feeling challenged, in need of direction, wanting answers, we often reach out for new information, new solutions – new resources. But what if we already have all the resources we need? And we’re just not using them?

      Take a watch to learn more about how to get what you need out of what you already have.

      What do you think? Did this jog your memory already of a book you ordered a while back? Or a person you met at an event who offered to help that you just need to ask? Or maybe a webinar or program you purchased access to and never got around to watching or finishing?

      What’s your current challenge, and what resources do you currently have that you could revisit and use to help you address that challenge? You never know what you’ll get if you make an ask, and you never know what you’ll discover in relation to where you’re at now.

      It’s worth a second look, isn’t it?

      I suspect part of why this happens is that we still so often feel like we’re inconveniencing people when we ask for help. Even if we have a totally supportive friend who’s already offered their expertise in whatever specific thing, we tend to avoid that offer in favor of finding another way. Or we suggest certain resources or tools to other people in need all the time, but we don’t want to use them to help ourselves in our own times of need. Don’t fall into that trap – if you need an assist, use your resources. I offer to help often for a reason. Don’t overlook a resource who’s right here.  

      Coaching can be daunting, so let’s ditch that and just talk about what you need.

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