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I haven’t always been blessed with close friends to talk to.

There have been phases in my life when I’ve been close to the people I needed to be close to for a while, which provided enough of that closeness. There have been phases when it just wasn’t a thing, and my cat (yes, seriously) was my closest companion and seriously listened to a LOT of bullshit from me. And there have been phases, namely now, when I’ve curated a very, very short list of womxn I never, ever have to censor myself with.

One of those women is Emily Rau.

We didn’t start off as friends. She was a client, I was a coach. But as our relationship grew over time, it deepened too. It didn’t take long to realize we each held very special places in each other’s lives. Places that maybe no one else did in just the same way.

That specialness happened because we had found in each other a place to share a lot of our imperfectness. We started having conversations we might not have with anyone else, or maybe not in the same, raw way. We, somehow, even being new friends, were never afraid to “go there” with each other.

Somewhere along the way, we started to understand that these conversations, in this way, were incredibly important. So important, in fact, that we wanted to bring them out of my basement and her apartment and our text messages, and into the world with a lot of other womxn.

And thus, the Good Thing We’re Perfect Podcast was born.

I’m quite sure you can see that this is a cheeky name, but just in case – we’re not perfect. And that is exactly what the podcast is about. We don’t have all the answers, but we’re talking it out anyway because it’s important. Somebody has to, even if it’s not perfect and polished. And that’s the point: even if it’s scrappy and scratchy and incomplete, it’s better than not talking about it at all, or always talking about it in the same way.

And when I say “it,” I mean all the stuff. All of it. A closer look at the unwritten rules and complex topics quietly shaping our culture and our lives. So, if you’re ready to call BS on the status quo and dive into the conversations you’d only dare discuss with your closest friends? This is for you. (It’s for you.)

So after years of these privately life-changing conversations with one of my best friends on Earth, on this day, as we launch them out to the world, all I can say is…

It’s perfect.

Take a listen to Episode 1, and then let me know what you think! You can find Good Thing We’re Perfect on iTunesSpotifyStitcher, and anywhere else you listen to your podcasts. Subscribe, rate us, and tell your friends! We’ll be releasing new episodes every Friday, just in time for your lunch break, drive home, or weekend leisure listening. We’ve got at least ten episodes planned for Season 1, and some really exciting stuff on tap for Season 2 already.

Join the gray space conversation with us. I think (know) you’re gonna love it.

Seriously, if you give this a listen, a rating or a few positive words in iTunes, tell your friend who you have these kinds of conversations with…we’ll be eternally grateful.

AND! We’re always looking for topics you want to dive into! Reach out and let me know what you want to hear us talk about on the podcast 🙂

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