Good Thing We’re Perfect Podcast: Embracing enough when you still want more.

Good thing we're perfect podcast | kourtney thomas life coach

Ever have the “not enough” feeling?

Ever actually ask yourself what “not enough” or “enough” really looks like for you?

It can be really easy to get lost in our thoughts of not living up to expectations or standards we see every day. It can be really easy to constantly chase after more to get to them. It can also be really easy to feel crappy about having those thoughts because our lives are actually pretty good.

Listen: It’s ok to want the more.

It’s OK to feel “yes, and.” It’s totally OK for the whole process of exploring that to feel wildly up and down and overwhelming.

But the exploring is worth it. So worth it.

Emily and I talked about all of it on the latest episode of Good Thing We’re Perfect, and I think we’ve determined it all boils down to this:

Think like a nun, hustle like a mother.

Check it out and let me know what you think!

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