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      Create warmth.

      create warmth | kourtney thomas life coach

      Spring is springing for a lot of us. To varying degrees, of course. Short-sleeved t-shirts for some, still-melting snow for others. And I can’t help but think how that’s paralleling a lot of our life and work experiences right now too.

      I’ve been chatting with quite a few folks lately who are cautiously allowing themselves to take in this sunshine. It’s been a long, hard winter, and I think all of us felt that in some form or fashion. We desperately need to be able to step outside and feel some warmth. But after getting continually tormented with the prospect of that warmth and sunshine only to be hammered with record storms and bitter cold temperatures yet again, it almost feels easier to stay frozen.

      Do you feel that?

      It’s the fantastic initial meeting or call or consult, only to be ghosted. It’s the great first, and even second, interviews, only to be politely refused. It’s the interesting conversation at a happy hour with a cute so-and-so, only to be given the brush-off upon follow-up. It’s the exciting prospect for a new partnership, only to fizzle out a month later. It’s the exhilarating fresh idea, only to be dulled by daily life.

      It’s the warm spark of potential, only to be snuffed out by that icy gust of wind.

      That shit is hard to manage. That cold hurts. It feels like we just need a little bit of warmth to get by, you know? And so many times, it feels so vastly out of our control. Can’t control the weather, right? That’s true. But, we can dress for it. And we can prepare, so we can survive, no matter the weather.

      I hate winter – literally and figuratively. I hate how it makes me feel. I hate the gray sheen it spreads across life and landscape. But, it’s a part of this life and landscape, no matter where you are. You can’t outrun the change in seasons, no matter how far south you go. Eventually, you will run into winter.

      And I’m not even about to say something ridiculous about “the trick is to embrace it!” Nonsense. Frankly, there really isn’t a trick at all. But there is a strategy.

      Even when it’s cold, we can create warmth.

      Another layer. Some snuggling. Jumping up and down. Rubbing hands together. Hell, a snuggie.

      A meditation. A gratitude practice. Touching base with an important person. Reflecting on values and goals. Breathing.

      Just breathing creates warmth.

      Try to breathe. Focus on the warm spots, even if your fingers are still freezing. I know it feels crappy to put your coat on again when it feels like you never warmed up from the last time, but zero in on the freshly bared grass, not the lake that’s still frozen. What are the things, where are the places where you are seeing that sunshine peek through? How can you use them to create more warmth?

      Put another way – have you ever been around one of those stubborn-ass folks who refuses to wear a proper coat in the winter and then stands outside and complains about being cold? Don’t be like that guy. Go back inside. Or get your coat.

      Create warmth.

      If you’re feeling Spring springing, but Winter’s remnants still have a hold on your world, breathe. Allow yourself to bask in some sunshine. Blow on the warm spots, just like you would on a tiny flame. Sometimes, the cold is unavoidable, but sometimes – it’s not.

      Spring is always here.

      Life seasons are hard. All of them. If you’re in a season of needing to create some warmth, I’m happy to share my blankie. Learn how we can focus on your Spring here, or book a call with me below to talk about it, anytime.

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