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      Action over outcome.

      action over outcome | kourtney thomas life coach

      A big part of my coaching framework involves crafting an action plan. There’s a lot of work and reflection that comes before that – determining foundational stuff like values, priorities, vision. But the action planning is where it really gets exciting, where the rubber meets the road, so to speak.

      Interesting, then, how it often comes to pass that we can so often get stuck in neutral here.

      We live in a highly results-driven society. A lot of the time, we’re totally focused on outcomes. And while having that laser focus on a particular vision is great, it often leads to a lack of focus on how to actually accomplish that vision, that outcome or result. We know what we want, but we seem to forget it won’t magically appear out of nowhere. Too much focus on the outcome, and we’ll never get it.

      I see it frequently when working on action plans with clients. We’ll walk through the process of creating the process, and still, action steps will get confused with outcomes. All of a sudden, the action plan ends up not all that action-oriented.

      I get it. I’ve been totally guilty of this myself at times. I’ve absolutely written an action plan that includes a step to “grow my business.” That’s a lovely thought, but when it comes to building a plan, it’s not really an action step. It’s an outcome. There are too many other, specific, targeted steps that need to happen to create that result, and to leave all that undefined is a mistake.

      In order to create our outcomes, we’ve got to get specific about the hows and put effort into our process.

      In the video below, I’m talking all about how to get focused on the action steps that will make sure you accomplish all the priorities you want for yourself.

      What do you think? Have you ever struggled with the action steps? What’s your process looking like right now? I’d love to hear your experience, and you can always share what you think of this conversation in the comments of the video, or email me directly.

      Crafting your personal action plan is crucial, and I’m entirely on board with it. But as you go about fashioning yours, be discerning. Certainly, no outcome is too big for you to accomplish. But remember –

      The outcome is really about the action, and no action is too small, as long as it’s really an action.

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