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      Quit sandbagging yourself.

      big dreams | kourtney thomas life coach

      One of my favorite things in working with my clients, and especially in small groups of women, is getting them to crack doors on big dreams.

      For whatever reason, we tend to limit our thinking – subconsciously or consciously, about what we can really do in the world. We do this thing where we don’t really even allow ourselves to entertain big fancy dreams and goals.

      Or, how about, you get to the point where you’ll allow yourself talk about this Big Thing out loud, but then you instantly qualify it, place some limitation on it, poo-poo it. You say something like, “But I could never…” “It would be great if…” or whatever other things drags your big, uncomfortable dream back into your smaller, comfortable reality.

      It’s super easy to sandbag ourselves, never quite believing that we can make big things happen, that we deserve what we desire. I think some of it is scarcity mindset. Fear of the unknown. Human nature to protect what we already have. Safety. Stability. It’s almost always easier to default to pessimism and doubt.

      But here’s the thing – with every dream we give up on, a little piece of our soul breaks. Maybe that’s dramatic or woo, but if you’ve ever harbored a dream you didn’t have enough faith in to work for, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

      So, I’m talking about it in this week’s video. Check it out.

      What do you think? Can you crack the door on that big dream? Why not give that fancy goal a chance? I promise, if you let yourself believe it, it’ll be more real than you think in a flash.

      To your woo goals.

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