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      That one person.

      that one person | kourtney thomas life coach

      Have you ever had an experience where you get a bunch of feedback and 95% of it is positive, but there’s one negative bit that stands out and you just cannot let go of it? Or a group of 24 people are so into you, but there’s one person giving you the evil eye and they’re the only person you can focus on? Or you get a whole bunch of insightful professional input from a bunch of folks, but that one person who isn’t even familiar with your field can’t stop putting in their two cents and you find yourself arguing with them instead of taking all the other great stuff into consideration?

      If any of those are a yes, you’re 100% not alone.

      I used to get so hung up on that one person too. That one person, who I instantly labeled a jerk, who JUST DOESN’T UNDERSTAND AND CAN GO POUND SAND. Hey, I’m human. I’ve not always been great at accepting feedback or seeing the forest for the trees.

      Thankfully, I’m better about it now. And I can receive that person’s feedback or accept that they’re not into me without labeling them a jerk. But more importantly, I have gotten good at letting it go and moving on from it. I can receive the feedback or accept that someone is not into me, but I don’t have to take it as a personal affront or internalize it.

      Anyway, recently, I got some unsolicited feedback from someone who both meant well, and also actually didn’t understand where I was coming from. In a former life, I would have gone to the mats about it. But today?

      Well, I made a little video about it.

      And if you’ve ever been frustrated by that one nagging bit of negative feedback, that one internet troll, or especially, finding your way through the noise of marketing and entrepreneurship – take a watch.

      Let me know what you think! Do you ever have this struggle? Any good stories for me? I’m all ears. Consider me your person who gets it 🙂

      To finding your cat people.

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