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      Work until you die? Follow your passion? Something else?

      work till you die follow your passion | kourtney thomas life coach

      I am a huge fan of talking about work.

      I know, that sounds a bit counterintuitive, but hear me out.

      Career and professional life have always been a big part of my identity. How that fits with other parts of my identity and life has evolved over the years, but career continues to be up there as something really important to me. And after all, it’s where and how we spend nearly all of our waking hours, so it’s certainly a worthy topic.

      But, I like to talk about it in meaningful and interesting ways, from different angles. The conversation around career and professional life is very different now than it has been in the past, and I’m totally here for it.

      I recently had a great conversation with a friend on the topic, and I explored it in a video. Check it out!

      So what do you think? Traditional career path vs. a more non-traditional trajectory vs. neither, or some combination thereof?

      I’m not sure it’s black and white anymore, and I’d love to hear your thoughts! Comment on the video, or you can always send me an email about it.

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