Why I started a YouTube Channel.

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TL; DR – Even if we haven’t spoken or interacted in a million years, even if you never watch a video, if you subscribe to my YouTube channel, I’ll be forever grateful. *virtual hugs*

Here: Kourtney Thomas Coaching on YouTube

And for the long version…

After what feels like a really long time, I’m ready to do this differently. This meaning a few things:

  1. Social media overall.
  2. My business.
  3. My life as those two things intertwine.

Social media is great. I’m a long-time participant and believer. But yeah, it’s changed. And I am starting to think it’s changed me, and not always for the better. As many times as I’ve publicly and privately acknowledged that, including here on email to you, I’ve still not done much to change it. Time to do that.

As it relates to my biz, I’m pretty done following this track of do this here, post that there, make sure it looks like this, here’s the best format, only this time of day, and don’t post too much! It’s fucking exhausting. And guess what? It doesn’t work! (For me.)

I’m not an idiot. I love business stuff, and I read about it all the time from a lot of different sources. I know “what works.” But I also know WHAT WORKS for me. It’s not that. The numbers tell me so. And I have no idea why I’ve fought them for so long. Peer pressure and insecurity and envy, I guess. (Story for another day.)

Huge thanks go to a new friend of mine for FINALLY helping me get to the root of this over the holidays. After getting incredibly frustrated over and over again for the last six months trying to define a category, a target market, a narrow customer persona – none of which ever felt right for me and my business, she guided me to a new way of approaching this whole conversation.

In a nutshell, a lot of my business (that’s life coaching, in case you haven’t been around lately) is centered around “Isn’t there another way?” And yeah, there is. Of course there is. Here for it. And I’m here to do it in that other way from this point forward.

So, while I’m still figuring out exactly what that way is for me, I know a few things so far already this year:

  • It’s not as much social media marketing anymore, and certainly not in a strategic, crafted fashion. I’m rougher around the edges than that. No wonder it hasn’t worked. (And by worked, I mean created genuine engagement with my community and/or generated interest or conversions.)
  • I really love people and I just want to talk to more of them. If you want to talk or know someone who does? Let’s roll. Word of mouth is still Queen, and I’m going back to those roots (in person, and virtually). I already had three meetings this week that got me more excited than I have been in ages, and also planted seeds for future business opportunities.
  • There’s a lot I don’t know, but I’m tired of being too scared to try something. And that’s where social media has come in, and that’s why it’s going OUT for me. As in – its held me back from doing what I know is best aligned with my values and vision for myself and my business. It’s not about trying what everyone else is doing, or what’s working for them, it’s about clearing out the noise so I can try what my gut has been telling me all along without fear of failure or judgment, and without the doubt sowed by external influence.

With that, I’m going to do more writing and old school blogging here on my website. (Also, email. Because that’s where it’s really at. All blogs go there too, plus other extra goodies. So sign up for that if you’re not already on the list.) I get a good amount of clients directly from Google, and hi, why not work with that?

And *TA DAH!* (you’re coming to the end of this discourse, gentle reader) I’ve created a YouTube channel. I’ve already filmed the next month’s worth of videos, and with the help of my AMAZEBALLS BFF as my Chief Video Editor, they’re looking incredible.

More importantly, they feel incredible. I feel freer already, way more aligned with my identity, values, and priorities professionally, and personally. Also, I’m motivated to work and create in a way I haven’t been for months. There’s something real to that that cannot be denied.

That’s where the life stuff comes in. Career is a huge part of my identity, and when it’s in flow, everything else is too. And I feel the flow moving in this direction. All the opportunities come up when life is in flow.

When business feels good, life feels even better.

All this to say, the future looks a lot less like “what the internet tells me,” and a lot like more me. Everywhere. Pure me. Direct. A little woo. Struggles all out there. Stupid jokes. No makeup. One take only. And for heaven’s sakes, not telling you how-to anything.

But also not totally useless to watch (or read). Stuff to think about. Stuff to chip away at the stuck feeling. Stuff to start conversations you might not be able to have anywhere else. And if anything, anywhere from 5-15 minutes to distract you while you’re on the cardio machine at the gym.

So, do me a solid and subscribe to the channel, maybe even share it with friends. (Truth time: If you subscribe, even if you never watch, it’ll really help other people see my videos too, and also get a custom link.) The welcome video is already up and will give you an idea of what you’re in for, should you choose to embark on this grand adventure with me. New videos will go up weekly to start, maybe more if I’m lucky on the editing front. The first one this week is a conversation about career path, and I think you’re going to love it.

Probably all of this to 1) get it off my chest, and 2) remind you, too, that:

We’ve all got struggles, but we’ve all got the power to reevaluate and realign.

There are always options in business and life, and we can always make changes.

Love and hugs. Thanks for being here for me. I’m always here for you if you need help reevaluating and realigning too.

Here’s to doing it another way.

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