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Crossfit. Bodybuilding. Barre. Spinning. HIIT. Yoga. Strength training. Running.

All approaches to improving your fitness. Varied? Yes. Effective? Yes.

Surprised I say that? Don’t be. While I am a strong advocate for weight training and running, I am an even stronger advocate for consistently doing whatever movement that you like.

Movement you like is what works.

There are a million different ways to go with workouts, and everything can work. Literally, everything can work. It all depends on your goals, your body, your schedule, your motivation, and what you like. As we like to say in fitness, the best workout and diet plan is the one that you’re going to do.

I like bodybuilding. I like long workouts and a crazy pump. I like arm day. This is the movement I enjoy. This is what gets me excited to head to the gym six days a week. I don’t feel obligated, and I always look forward to my workouts. And this style of training is what has brought me the most progress and success when it comes to my personal goals.

But not everyone is into that style of training. Not everyone has two hours available in their day to work out – or it’s not their priority right now. Not everyone thinks five different variations of bicep curls are the bees’ knees. For some, crushing a huge sweat for 20 minutes and mic-dropping out the door is more their style. For others, group fitness is what lights them up. For still others, it’s zenning out with yoga. And what about outdoor active pursuits? Adult team sports? Walking?

There is one big key here: find what you like.

I always ask new clients what types of movement they like and don’t like when I first interview them. It’s part of my job to connect you with the kind of movement that makes you feel awesome, and to incorporate it into your plan. Some people don’t have an answer…yet. They’ve never thought about it because they’ve been caught up in what the world says they should like. But I think we need to be doing the kind of movement that makes us want to move more. The kind of movement that makes you realize you can be free from whatever “shoulds” you’re clinging to when it comes to fitness.

There are options when it comes to reaching your goals. And there are programs that work for each unique individual and their unique needs. You don’t have to run to lose weight, if that’s your goal. You don’t have to do barre to look more toned, if that’s your goal. You don’t have to spend hours in the gym to feel better, if that’s your goal.

Fitness does not have to be hard. Everything can work. Try it. Try everything! You’ll get this wonderful feeling when you find the thing or things that you like. And you’ll want that feeling all the time.

Short and high intensity, long and bro-tensity (I just made that up, go with it), or anywhere in between – it doesn’t matter. What matters is that you move in such a way that makes you feel good. That you seek this activity for yourself and no one else. That you do it out of love and not hate or obligation. That’s what puts you on the path toward reaching all your goals – in fitness and in life.

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