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I’ve been quiet in this space for a while, not blogging too consistently, much to the chagrin of my SEO. I’ve always gone through spells here and there with writing, posting more when I’m feeling creative, a little bit less when I’m not. But something has been different in the past couple of months. It’s not that I haven’t been able to come up with content. I mean, the possibilities are endless there, and if I really needed to just blog, I could have slapped something up pretty easily. It’s been an interesting winter, so allow me to elaborate.

It really all started in the summer when I decided to invest in a re-brand. I also joined a Mastermind group (holy life changer, Batman!), hired my own personal training coach (hi, CHP, I love you!), and attended one of the best conferences in existence (I better see you there this year!). Combined, these four things and all of the people they involved really flipped my script. I chose to do a lot more introspective work to figure out who I am, who I want to be, what I want my life to look like. That, in turn, helped to determine what my business looks like going forward – what I want to do, who I want to work with, and how. And after all of that, I have come out focused and excited about everything that I discovered.

One of the things I did way back in November that really helped to give me clarity was to sit down and write down on a piece of paper how I wanted to feel. It took me less than ten minutes to fill up a page full of feelings and short phrases. I wasn’t necessarily surprised at what came out. I was a little sad that some of the feelings were missing. But I was absolutely excited to make them all happen.

I followed that up immediately by writing down “My Fundamental Reason for Existence Besides Money,” which quickly filled up an entire page too. That one goes a bit deeper because my feelings and values toward money have been deeply engrained since childhood, and in general can be summarized as money=success. This is no doubt an exercise I would highly recommend for anyone.

Lastly, I took a few more minutes to write down what an “ideal” day would look like for me. That made me happy, because most of my desires there were already covered.

So then what does it all boil down to?

To connection.
To excitement and wonder.
To noticing a whole lot more.
To feeling really, astoundingly good as often as possible.
To more positive than negative.
And to love, for self and others, tying it all together.

The thing that I cannot stop thinking about, lying in bed at night writing in my journal about, talking to anyone who will listen about, is creating a community. A community of people who are not afraid to embrace life, everything scary and wonderful about it. Ready to get a little uncomfortable at times to nurture change. Positive people, wide open to connection and collaboration and possibilities. People who are supportive of others, and encouraging and accepting of themselves and others, quirks, differences, diverse perspectives and all. Basically an incredible community of empowered people who want to live a beautiful life, whatever that means to them.

I’ve struggled a lot in figuring out how to build my business, but I think in the end I was struggling with what to build. Instead of a bank account, I’ve realized I want to build a community. I don’t want to just sell personal training services to make money; it’s always been so much more than that to me. When we’re talking about bodies and minds and very personal matters, it’s a whole lot more serious than my hourly or monthly rate. My focus is on encouraging a positive mindset surrounding a happy, active, and fun life. To inspire you to become the boss of your body, and watch your life take shape! And I’m going to do it being authentically me, delivering the expertise I have in a style only I can, and I’m perfectly content with that. Not everyone will want to be a part of my particularly community, but there are so many others, and that’s what makes this world so great. But if I can affect even one person with what I’m doing in my small world, 20 people in St. Louis, 100 people across the country, it’s all worth it.

So “My Fundamental Reason for Existence Besides Money”? To be here now, connecting with you.

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