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Last week I mentioned how huge it has been for me in the last few weeks getting back in touch with my intuition. That’s such a high-level thing, though, so I promised I’d clarify a bit more about how I’ve made it happen. Three big things stuck out in my experience.

It’s funny – it feels like it happened both all at once, and very gradually. Learning to stay consistently in tune with yourself is like that. Sometimes it smacks you in the face and you never forget it, sometimes it slowly gains momentum and stays a little more subtle. But no matter how it happens, it’s powerful.

For me, it all started with the fact that I had been saying all the same things to all the same people – and,excessively, to myself – for quite some time, and deep down, I knew I had to take it elsewhere. I desperately needed to speak out loud. So the first thing is:

Get. The hell. OUT. OF. YOUR. OWN. HEAD.

I’m not talking about writing or journaling. Yes, those things are helpful, but my guess is that, if you’re struggling with tuning into your intuition right now, you’ve been doing those things already and they’re not helping. You’re still just in your own head.

I’m also not talking about expressing the same concerns to the same people. Again, I’m sure your SO or your family or your best friends are wonderful and supportive. But my guess is that they either haven’t been giving you what you need in the gut department, or you’re not really hearing them.

My suggestion is to find a new face. Someone who’s a total third party. Someone who doesn’t really know your situation, but someone who you have some level of trust in their expertise or life experience to understand where you’re coming from, and then trust their response to that. It doesn’t matter what has your instincts feeling messed up, or where in your life you’re feeling incongruent, talking with someone else about it will automatically help. Talking out loud.

I’ve been describing it as ping pong balls flying around in my head. I could write and write till the cows come home, but it did nothing to help me believe anything I was saying – anything I knew I believed in. I dismissed myself as basically nuts.

And I pretty much did the same thing to all of my friends, and my husband. I put them all through my whining, but then I didn’t take anything they said to heart. When it’s too close, it’s too close.

Get it out of your head, out loud, to a different person with a different perspective. Then, listen.

Listen to the other person, but more importantly – listen to yourself. If you are able, record your conversation, then go back and listen to yourself again. I know, I know, that’s the worst! And it is. But, it’s also the best. It’s enlightening. You can be so sure that you’re saying one thing, or that you sound one way, and then the pressure lifts and you realize things are completely different.

Just listen.

Getting out of my head, speaking aloud, verbally processing, and actually staying in the moment and listening to myself and new folks was like a lightning bolt jolting me back into myself. It instantly reignited my intuition, no more whining or wallowing.

Next, go back to doing whatever you were doing that you stopped doing.

Yep, that’s vague, but I bet you know exactly what I mean.

I mentioned last week that I started pulling daily tarot or oracle cards again. It’s something I had been doing for a year, and then I just up and quit when I started feeling funky and out of touch – which, by the way, is the exact worst time to stop doing something that keeps you grounded. As soon as I started doing it again, things started to sync again – this was another instant result for me. I started to connect thoughts, feelings, and actions. That set more things in motion, and it instantly increased my confidence and trust in my inner insight.

So whatever that is for you – maybe it’s an evening walk after work that you’ve been skipping. Or a daily gratitude note. Or a weekly phone call to your sister. Or actually sitting down to drink your morning coffee instead of running out the door with it. Whatever it is, start doing it again tomorrow. Keep doing it, and see what comes up, what comes back. The things that ground you to your self and your environment are the things that will keep you closer to your intuition.

The next thing is to notice.

I talk about awareness a lot, but this time I mean it in direct correlation with those times that tug at your gut. For instance, I mentioned that there were some things that happened gradually. For me, that was a few instances of events and meetings that I attended, that my instinct told me were not going to be good for me, but I went anyway. I felt like I should. I thought it would be good for me to get out and show my face at these few things. And I also didn’t want to write it off out of some fear (which I’ll get to next time).

But it wasn’t good.

It wasn’t good at all. In each instance, as soon as I got to the meeting, I felt my energy dive, and I immediately thought to myself, “What am I doing here?! I know this is a waste of my damn time and I should have known better.” Again, the truth is that I did know better, I just wasn’t yet at the point of trusting my gut reaction. And then, I did it two more times!

Ha. I told you it was gradual.

And that’s OK. I’m not beating myself up about it. In the grand scheme of things, it’s not a huge deal that I spent a few hours doing something counterproductive to my intentions. But, now the momentum is there, and I know that when I feel that twinge about a certain event, space, or group, I have these experiences to draw on and I can boldly say, “Nope! Not this time!” and be completely aligned. It took a few tries, but I gained awareness. Don’t dismiss those gut feelings.

The biggest thing is unfortunately the toughest to take – we’ll go through these periods of feeling disconnected with ourselves, feeling like things are just slightly (or maybe considerably) off, but we’ll feel powerless in the moment. We might not even notice how amiss things really are. Only with the benefits of time and hindsight will we be able to learn what we missed at the time and keep it close moving forward.

But, when things are feeling out of whack, I believe these things can help get them feeling in whack (Why don’t we ever say in whack? Just out? What a weird saying.) a little quicker and easier. Say it aloud. Start doing whatever you stopped doing. And notice more. Even one of those things could heighten your intuition again in a big way.

And with all the noise out there making us question ourselves on the daily, we could all use a little more trust in our own instincts, don’t you think?

I’d love to know your thoughts and experiences with gut feelings and intuition. Tell me your story in the comments, or let me know if this hits home for you right now.

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