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There has been a lot floating around in my brain lately.

We’re less than two months back in St. Louis, which still counts as transition mode. (Please, no more home décor stores or websites.) I’ve been flitting around town having coffee dates like crazy, and it’s basically the best thing I’ve ever done. (Don’t worry, I’ll be writing about this a lot more soon.) It’s the holiday season, so that’s just extra stuff happening. (#brunch) It’s nearing the end of the year, which means reflection, but also so much questioning about the coming year. (But don’t you have a word for 2018?!) I’m not one to use “busy” as an excuse, and I’m absolutely not doing that right now. It’s just that all of this has led to a bit of writer’s block for the past few weeks.

But through all of that noise, the main thing I can say today is that people are awesome.

I get that there are many times and places right now where it still feels like people are generally terrible. You know what? Some people are terrible and there’s no denying that. But as I get a little older, and with each passing day, each interaction, I’m learning that a lot of people are actually pretty great. And those are the ones I, and you, want to make a point to be around.

In the last 30 days, which has been only 24 working days for me, I have met with 27 incredible women. Some of them people I knew previously, most of them people I had never met before. And all of them spent at least an hour opening up, telling stories, sharing expertise, talking about issues, even asking about me. After each meeting, I have been buzzing with energy, so excited about connecting with other human beings. (This doesn’t even count the after-work snuggles with my husband, walks with friends, or random interactions.)

This is a good use of my time. People are a good use of our time.

We’re constantly filling our minutes with tasks and to-dos and things that may or may not be positive additions to our life, work, or purpose. I’m telling you, that two hours of talking with a person is not something to shy away from. It’s not taking away from your time or energy or other things you think you should be doing, it’s adding to it. Enhancing your life. Scheduled, or completely unexpected, I’m learning that this time with people is highly, highly valuable.

Listen, I’ll be totally honest with you that I’m in a really weird place right now. I feel like my personal life is really wonderful right now, my husband is perfection, and our plans for the future are on lock. But when it comes to my professional and community life, it’s all an odd combination of really excited for the future, and really lost about it.

But the one thing I’m sure of is that connecting with other human beings, and especially with human beings who identify as women, is going to be meaningful for me going forward. Without agenda, without a tactic, without any preconceived notions, genuinely believing in the power of people is a huge driver for me.

It seems more and more that we all want to avoid truly interacting with people, and I’m thinking more and more that that’s the total wrong attitude. The internet is great, and it is absolutely a universal connector. But the problem is that it also leads us to keeping our heads down when we’re around other people. It takes away from community, it breeds a lack of compassion for real folks in real life. It makes us disinterested in anyone and everyone around us, and I think that’s a mistake. Stories are where it’s at. Conversations are what keep us learning and growing. Building relationships with actual humans is what keeps us good at having quality relationships with actual humans!

I honestly believe that lifting your eyeballs and opening your ears (and heart) to people in general is a universal positive.

So yeah, through all the noise, especially right now, try to take a breath and remember that people are awesome. It’s not social media or Netflix or that hot new online marketing course, and it’s definitely not more money – it’s people. You are awesome. The person accidentally bumping into you in the checkout line is awesome. The new person in the office is awesome. And five minutes, or 30 seconds, or an hour spent talking to people can change everything.

To people.

I do a lot of connecting online that ends up translating into real life. I’d love to do that with you here! Or reach out straight to me in person here.


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