The struggle is the growth, and the growth is the struggle.

I was texting with a friend the other day, and we were just chatting back and forth, updating each other on life. She’s in a big transition mode with lots of Big Life stuff happening. I’m still in a relatively new world, with plenty of Big Life stuff on my plate too.

And in just asking, “how are things with you?!” and being honest in our answers, we both came to this:

Wolf Pack | KT Fitness

And that, friends, is why I love my Wolf Pack. (Read: tribe. But better.)

Because when you’re with your people? Magic happens. When you surround yourself with people who share the same values, the same passion for life, and even the same fears, you’re able to open up, truly connect, and take bigger steps toward bigger growth in every aspect of life. You’re able to struggle through growth, and grow through struggle. Together.

I’ve been talking for six months about building a small coaching group focused on not only building big arms, but building a big life. Everyone knows by now that #BigArmsBigLife is my deal, and I’ve been feeling the pull to make something bigger out of that. But as I said, I’ve been feeling frustrated and blocked and unsure about it.

But I talk with every client about taking control of your choices, about making choices and taking action in the first place. I coach every single client not only in how to build a healthy lifestyle and incorporate fitness in a way that they love, but also in how to embrace the power that comes with that throughout their lives. That always means relationships and communication, both personal and professional. It means work life and taking next steps. It means exploring the corners of our souls and bringing them to light. And it definitely means creating their version of the Big Life.

And every one of these clients? Has had multiple, impactful breakthroughs in numerous areas of their lives. Of course I can’t take full responsibility for all of this, I mean, I’m not delusional. But when they tell me that I’m the one who encouraged and supported and inspired them to make these big changes? It means I’m doing something right. Take, for example:

My client who was inspired to take a huge risk in leaving a huge job, with absolutely nothing to turn to, because she knew it didn’t align with her passion and values. She had the faith to take the leap, and has already found herself with an even bigger opportunity on her doorstep.

My client who found the self-assuredness in her body through our training program to wear a slinky dress to a wedding with no bra. No longer self-conscious of her breast size or her stomach, she was comfortable dancing the night away.

My client who has found the voice to have an adult conversation with her mother to forge a relationship of mutual respect, not assumptions and bulldozing and hurt.

My client who unearthed the confidence, and the tools, to negotiate a job offer to a salary and benefits package of about $20K more than her current job.

And those just scratch the surface. I’ve worked with countless women, and every time, that kind of magic happens. They’re feeling uncertain about something in life, and sure, maybe it starts with fitness, so they come to me looking for a little guidance. But in the end, they always walk away with more than they ever expected.

So yeah, I’ve been feeling uncertain too. But now? Now’s the time. Time to take my own advice.

Today, I’m opening up spots to an intimate (I mean it, really intimate) group of women with eyes on the Big Life.

This small group of women is going to be:

  • Career-focused and driven
  • Open-minded
  • Ready for change and next steps
  • Looking for a connected community
  • Into regular fitness
  • Prepared for honest communication and feedback
  • Excited by active interaction and reflection
  • Dedicated and committed to growth, the group, and themselves

This small group of women is not going to be:

  • Interested only in a new fitness program
  • Closed-minded or my-way-or-the-highway
  • Lurkers and non-participants

And here’s how it’s going to go down:

Build Your Big Life Coaching is a 3-month intensive program for career-minded women interested in personal and professional growth, development, and empowerment through a healthy lifestyle and supportive, but directed, coaching and community.

In this three months, we’ll communicate via email, webinar, and Facebook group. We’ll cover topics from movement and body image, to money and wardrobe, to goals, motivations, and priorities. We’ll communicate as a group, we’ll communicate one-on-one. We’ll have assignments. We’ll have discussions. Of course, we’ll have a workout program for the duration. And obviously, we’ll have fun.

And at the end of this three months? You can expect to see changes in yourself and progress toward your version of Big Arms, Big Life. Not to mention, new additions to your very own Wolf Pack.

Right now, this coaching group is in its early stages. I’m ready, you’re ready, but this is going to be what we call a “beta” group. That means that you’re going to get every bit of coaching and content, but it just might not be perfectly designed and delivered in a pretty package. And I’ll also expect, not only the above participation from you, but all the feedback you can give me on what we’re doing in the program itself. I’ll ask you to complete surveys, and ask for comment on everything from the content itself to the potential delivery methods, to what you think would make this program better in its full form. And I’m not above you telling me it totally sucked, and there’s lots to improve. (Though I really don’t suspect that’ll be the case, because I’m really excited about what I have planned already!)

In return for that situation, I’m offering these limited (again, very limited!) spots at a crazy discount. Like, way, way, way less than what I’m going to charge when the program rolls out in full in the fall. This is an incredible opportunity to not only get the guidance you’re looking for in creating your Big Life, but to be a part of building something that’s going to help a lot of other women do the same in the coming months.

This all goes down April 3. So if you’re in? If this group sounds like you? Go here now. Right now. Sign up. Big Arms, Big Life, my Wolf Pack friends.

BYBL | KT Fitness

And if this isn’t quite up your alley, but might be in the fall? Sign up here to find out everything first. And if that’s still not your gig? You can always get free workouts by signing up here, or all kinds of Big Arms, Big Life stuff in this spot.

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