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I was texting with one of my clients earlier this week, and we had the best conversation, as we often do. This is a client of mine who has been with me for several years, the last of which has found her essentially completely changing her life. To say it has been amazing to see and support her through her evolution would not do her process justice.

I started by telling her how incredible she looks, after seeing her latest Instagram OOTD post. Yes, an utterly superficial compliment about her physical body. But we’re at a point in this process where a couple of things are clear: 1) We’re very comfortable and have a pretty close relationship. She understands my intent in communication. And she certainly knows how proud I am of all of her other, non-physical accomplishments, because we talk about those too. 2) A major part of the changes she has gone through in the last year has been physical – significant weight loss and body recomposition. Celebrating her successes here is rightfully important.

She was appreciative, because even the strongest among us have days when we can’t see our strength. Even so, the conversation quickly evolved – again, as it often does with my clients. We started talking about mindset, and we started talking about life. Namely, she mentioned that her current mindset is to stop waiting.

Stop waiting.

We talked about how it’s so prevalent in diet and fitness culture to always have the “when I finally reach _____, I’ll _____” statement at the ready.

When I finally reach my goal weight, I’ll be happy.

When I finally fit into those skinny jeans, I’ll apply for that job.

When I finally look this way, I’ll start dating again.

Or some version of that – when I have more money, when I’m more comfortable in my skin, when I’m more stable, when I get that degree or certification. Point is, there’s always this…thing…holding us back. It’s a trap. It’s an excuse. Have you ever felt it? Do you have your own waiting statement? It’s no way to live a Big Life, hanging onto that “finally,” that’s for sure.

My favorite part of this conversation with my client was that she came to these conclusions all on her own. I mean, yeah, I’ve been there for her throughout the past year – that’s why she hired me. And even she’ll admit that I have these magical ways of popping up exactly when she needs my support the most. But she did the work herself. She sat with the uncomfortable stuff and sifted through old stories, choosing how she wanted to write new ones. She decided the time is now to stop waiting to do all the things she wants to do.

Stop waiting.

Really, this stuff is what most of my job is, and I couldn’t be happier about it – helping women undo the mindset stuff that holds us back, while helping them feel good in their bodies and lives. It means many different things for many different women, but a big part of the process is talking about stuff like the waiting, having conversations about barriers and stories and asking questions like, so when you get there…then what? Will you be happier? Better? Finally have it all figured out? Nope.

So you best live your life, right now.

Maybe it’s hiring a coach. Maybe it’s swiping right. Maybe it’s booking the vacation, or going to that event alone. Whatever it is, I bet you already know, deep down. You know what you want. It’s time to get it.

Stop waiting. You know?

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