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A little while ago, my friend Jen and I were on a podcast, and during the introductions, she mentioned that she’s never quite sure anymore how to describe what exactly it is that she does. Granted, she does a lot more than I do, but still, when people ask me what I do, I’m often at a loss too. That question for me is not as cut and dry as it is for a lot of people. I can’t answer, “Oh, I’m an accountant!” or even, “I work in sales.” It’s just not that easy to describe in a few words.

Of course, I can go the, “I’m a personal trainer” route, and I often do for simplicity’s sake. But going broader and saying “I’m a coach” feels a bit weird, because I’m not a sport coach, which is generally the first thing people think of. And, I’m also not a life coach in the traditional sense.

But, actually, “coach” is probably the most accurate, and yet at the same time, appropriately vague, description of my job title.

Sometimes, I work much more on the physical coaching side of things. I write programming for clients to reach their physical goals and I coach them through proper form and movement patterns. I support them by providing feedback on their training progress and adjust their program as necessary to get them the best possible results.

More often though, I work in this weird and wide-open realm of intangibles, incorporating everything from mindset to confidence to commitment and prioritizing self-care. It usually starts with the physical coaching stuff and maybe a physique goal, but it never ends there.

Whether I can explain it succinctly or not, what I do on a daily basis is much more than a profession or my way to earn a living. We all hear this stuff about turning your passion into a profession and living the life you imagine – and, uh, this is kind of that and I fully recognize how lucky I am – but it’s actually so much more, too. What I get to do on a daily basis is to help people live bigger and more fully in their bodies and lives.

My job? It’s this:

It’s the woman who is able to put a professional bully in his place at work.

It’s the one who rocks a fitted dress for the first time ever and feels totally comfortable wearing it it.

It’s the client who easily gets over her fear and anxiety of going to a new gym to get in her workout, and even gets up early and walks a mile to do it.

It’s the one who quietly and intimately works through years of trauma – emotional and physical – coming out bigger and stronger and more intuitive. And then signs up to do it again because it was so meaningful.

It’s the woman who no longer gives two hoots about the size of her clothing, only that it fits and feels good.

It’s the client who finds awareness and finally speaks up to her female family members about constantly berating their bodies.

It’s the college athlete a few years removed who is getting back into her body, building muscles, and realizing that hey, she doesn’t feel awkward anymore during the first sleepover with a new boyfriend.

It’s the woman whose confidence grows beyond her gym sessions enough to quit her job as a TV anchor with absolutely no plans other than to take time for herself to figure out the right next steps.

And it’s the woman who shows up to a major product photo shoot carrying more body fat than she ever has before, and far less muscle than she’d like, but still wears a crop top because she’s built a bigger life.

OK, that last one was actually me, but all the rest? They’re my clients, my Bigness Project sisters, the women who have become my family through coaching relationships. They all followed a physical fitness program that I created for them. But, in the end, all of them gained incredible and unique life experiences and mindset shifts and gains out of our time together – far beyond their newfound delts of doom.

These are the people who tell me time and time again that I’m their inspiration, when really, I’m sitting here with tears running down my face because it has little to do with me and everything to do with them. The women that I am privileged to work with are indeed my inspiration, and they are the reason I’m here, doing what I do, this…coaching.

So hey, maybe this all seems a little silly to you. Maybe you don’t think something like this could make a difference for you. Maybe you think coaching is stupid. Or that you’ll never find that kind of confidence. That you’ll never be able to wear a fitted dress in any size. That you just don’t have it in you. But I promise you this: you do.

And I’m always here to help you discover the possibilities for yourself. If you’re ready, reach out here and let’s talk coaching. If not so much yet, sign up here for weekly emails to explore on your own. 

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  • Ruth S.

    Hi Kourtney! I’m actually an avid listener of that podcast, and hearing you and Jen on there recently was how I got introduced to you. I was so enamored with the messages you both had that I’ve been binging on your website ever since. About a year ago I started a regular workout routine for the first time in my life because I found something that I enjoyed so much it kept me coming back for more – kickboxing! Not the cardio stuff; actually kicking and punching the crap out of bags. So cathartic. However, I am still recovering from a wicked bout of adrenal fatigue so I’ve had to avoid the urge to go all the time because the feeling of strength and power it gives me is very addicting. I’ve been reading all of your blog posts and really feeling like I’m ready (now that I have the discipline to workout consistently) to transition to my own strength training program so I can tailor things to exactly what my goals are. It just so happens your next round of Bigness Project will be starting right around the time the contract with my kickboxing gym is expiring. It feels like a sign! Thank you for what you do; the messages we internalize about what we as women should look like run so deep, and your voice is what I needed to hear at this point in my life.

    • Ruth! This absolutely made my day. My week and month, for that matter! I appreciate the kind words, and I’m so glad you’ve found some inspiration here. I definitely think it’s a sign that the Bigness Project will re-open as your contract expires, and I hope you’ll keep me posted on this next chapter for you!

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