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You know those events that are so boring it’s all you can do to keep your eyes open for a one-hour presentation? That is not going to happen when you put me up on stage.Speaking | Kourtney Thomas Fitness

Hire me to speak at your next event, seminar, or retreat, and you’ll get a fully engaging, customized, and sometimes-funny session delivered by a knowledgeable and experienced professional. I can create a presentation specifically for your affair, with topics ranging from fitness programming to business to positive mindset, and more. Your attendees will walk away energized and empowered with new knowledge and tweetable takeaways.

Sample Sessions

Women, Body Image, Identity, and Fitness: How to not miss the most important details.

Kourtney will briefly introduce and discuss the history of and research around messaging about women’s bodies, how it affects women’s body image and identity, and how this relates to training and coaching. She will then present an opportunity to reframe how we, as fitness professionals, can affect this picture differently and positively, including case studies, and how to incorporate a comprehensive approach for client success. Kourtney will touch on her philosophy of hypertrophy as a tool, and how to utilize these methods in a virtual model, as well as in-person coaching for any type of female client and athlete.

How Comparison is Holding You Back

Are you comparing yourself to others? Is it serving you? Learn steps for developing awareness of and moving past the comparison game.

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