Snag more stories from the sweat-soaked training trenches.


Working on your lats is no laughing matter.

(Trust me. I know.)

And before you begin another crash diet that’ll leave you frothing at the mouth and ready to hurl your bathroom scale out the second-story window, remember:

You are always in control of how you feel, how you look, and how you want to live.

Hiring a coach & personal trainer is a big decision, which is why I’ve made working with me so streamlined, simple, and effective. (For the record, I also won’t charge you an arm and a leg to help you build your arms and legs.)

In-home trainings that leave you with zero excuses and heaps of results.

Online programs that push you to your limits.

And options in between to help you build your best you—body & mindset.

personal training

The guidance you need to develop the body (and body confidence) you’ve always wanted from a personal trainer who’s personally invested in your positivity, mindset & meeting of your goals.

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running coaching

Ongoing running coaching to help you beat the competition, beat your personal best, or beat out that nagging voice in your head that isn’t sure you can cross the finish line.

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virtual training

The epitome of efficiency. Virtual training with the same support you’d have as an in-person client, pushing you to your limit, no matter how many miles lie between us.

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hybrid performance coaching

Ongoing hybrid coaching to prepare you for concurrent strength and endurance events. Specialized programming that packs one heckuva punch—all while meeting your complex & complicated goals.

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corporate wellness

You’re committed to your business, but are you committed to your body? Invest in yourself and your employees (not to mention, your bottom line!), with fitness programs tailored to your needs and company culture.

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Need an engaging presenter for your next event, seminar, or retreat? I’m your girl. I love to talk about fitness, confidence, business, or any related topic in the realm. Whatever your interest, I’ll create a memorable experience specific to your group.

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group fitness classes

Welcome to happiest hour, held once a week in St. Louis, MO. Led by yours truly and limited to an intimate group, we’ll be working your muscles in a way that’s specifically tailored to your fitness levels, your goals, and your muscle groups.

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Products and things to add to your fitness fan collection. With these tools, you’ll never be without on-your-own options.

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in-person 1:1 program

Don’t wait for a fairy godmother when you can create your own makeover magic. Whether you want to bust into the ball Cinderella style, or make the rounds at your high school reunion without worrying about the way your butt looks in that dress, this personalized program will get you picture perfect.

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online videos

Even when your day planner is planning to attack, you can still schedule in a little time to sweat. With these quick online vids, we can workout together, regardless of how many minutes you have to spare.

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A Few Things To Keep In Mind

It should go without saying, but I’m not a medical doctor and all should be advised that consulting a physician prior to beginning any sort of exercise program is highly recommended. Ensuring that you are physically able to work out is critical to the success of any fitness program. Also, please note that the content of this website is no substitute for professional medical care or diagnosis. As with any exercise regimen, there are are risks to engaging in a personal training or running coaching program and you will be made aware of specific risks prior to beginning your training. The full terms of use are available here.

Investing In My Services (aka PRICING)

Pricing for each of the services above varies slightly, so the best way to get my exact rates is to contact me with what you’re looking for. Because I am an independent personal trainer and running coach, I’m able to be more flexible with scheduling, pricing and locations for training.  Get in touch and we’ll find your perfect level of investment.

Training for Groups

Have a few friends that want to get fit together? I’m your girl. Typically, group engagements run for a pre-specified period of time (for example, 6 weeks). To discuss pricing and availability, shoot me an email.

Further Questions?

Send me an email and I’ll get in touch with you ASAP.