Sometimes, it’s personal.

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I’m pretty hyper-focused on my business right now. Really, I’m focused on my career, what that means, what it looks like. It’s been at the forefront of my mind for months. Interestingly, the stars are telling me that this is central for me for the next three years! “Whatever you are able to define for yourself in your career during this time will impact your professional pursuits for decades to come.”

No pressure.

I’m definitely focused on growth, and I’m exploring several avenues for doing that. I’m expanding my circle. I’ve joined a group for women entrepreneurs with a business-first approach. I’m pitching my face off. At the same time, I’m looking at ways to streamline my existing business, make better decisions on how and where I’m investing my professional time and business dollars, and generally set myself up for success in a more solid way. That means thinking critically about events I want to attend, courses I want to take, activities I want to take part in, investments I want to make.

Last year, I did a lot of really cool stuff. I attended a bunch of conferences and events, I did plenty of training and education. All stuff I highly enjoy, all stuff that enhances what I do and helps me grow and get better as a coach. But was it too much? Ehhh, depends how you look at it.

Point is, though, that I wasn’t looking at it too hard, or possibly, at all. And now, I’m realizing it might be a good idea to be at least slightly more analytical and/or strategic about what I choose to do and where I choose to go this year.

That led me to quite the conundrum a few weeks ago, as I hemmed and hawed over whether or not to attend the Seattle Ignited Women Project. One of my best friends in the world is putting on the event, and this year it’s going to be bigger and better than ever. I knew it would be crazy inspiring and motivational, I knew it would push me to think of things differently, I knew it would be a good opportunity to continue to work on expanding that circle, and to see some really great women leaders speak. Seems like a no-brainer, right? But still, I was hesitating to pull the trigger.

Was it really just another good excuse to see my friends?

As always, I expressed as much to my most trusted confidante. (Whenever I’m too in the weeds to think clearly, husband always cuts to the heart of the matter.) I said I was worried about the expense of the trip, and whether it directly related to my goals for the year. I said that I wanted to do some new and different stuff, and this wasn’t exactly that. But I also said I knew how much it would mean to my friend, and how great it would be to be able to spend some time in the same room with some of my closest friends and colleagues – which we only get to do about once a year.

He said he understood, and to consider weighing the costs and the benefits. We talked back and forth a little while longer, and then, gently, he nudged me:

Sometimes a personal reason is better than a business reason.

I immediately bought my ticket and booked my flight.

We have so many things going on. We have so many opportunities. We have obligations. But we have dreams and goals too. Some of us have limited resources, some of us have unlimited. But we all have values, and we can all learn to make more intentional decisions with those in mind and heart.

And that’s just it – sometimes you have to give your heart a little snuggle and tell her, “next time, my love,” while following your mind down the straight-and-narrow. But sometimes? You have to let her explode into the light because you know it’s right, and you knew all along.

Success – in both our career and business lives, as well as our personal lives – looks different to each of us. Following one path, making the decision we think we should, seeing everything in black and white, dollars and cents, cost and benefit, isn’t always going to work. It isn’t always going to lead us toward what we truly seek. Sometimes, no matter what the books say, the business decision is the wrong one. Sometimes, it’s personal.

If you’re interested in Seattle Ignited Women Project, find out more here. If you’re up for getting a little more personal with me, join my email list here.

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