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I do not love listening to podcasts. I’m a visual learner, so unfortunately, they don’t agree with me. I know there are some great shows out there dropping some incredible knowledge and entertainment all over the place, but I just can’t get into it. I like silence or really loud music instead.

However, I do love going on podcasts as a guest. I love to have conversations and tell stories, and share the knowledge that I have with new audiences. Lucky for me, even though I don’t listen to them, there are a ton of really great podcasts out there that share similar messages to mine, and being a guest was a good fit. Now, you podcast party people have some audio resources in addition to all these fun blogs I write.

Rise Up For You Podcast – This is a quick 23 minutes of rapid-fire goodness. Fitness stuff, empowerment stuff, general great stuff. I loved this chat with Nada, and I think you will too.

Fit n’ Chips Podcast – This is another relatively short one, at just 35 minutes. (Perfect for a workout or commute!) I met Amanda virtually through a mutual friend, and we have really hit it off. It was no different when we got the chance to hang on video and record the podcast, and we actually ended up chatting for over an hour. We talk about strength training, endurance training, and a does of feminism too. I know you’ll love this one.

I’ve got a few more guest appearances coming up soon, and I’ll share those as soon as they’re up. Let me know what you think of these episodes, and I’d love to hear of any podcasts you’re listening to right now!

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