How’s your 2018 going?

So, uh, it’s March now, and I’m wondering how you’re feeling about 2018. How’s it going so far?

If you’re anything like me, it’s been crazy and I kind of can’t believe we’re already nearly through the first quarter. Like, January was a blur. I thought February would chill a little bit, which it totally didn’t. And now, damn, it’s tax season, my friend!

I set out with big goals for the year, and honestly, I thought I would be feeling big, tangible results by this point. I was ready to work, ready to act, ready to do big things for my Big Arms, Big Life. And I have done work, I have taken action. I’ve seen results, but not my target results – yet. Energy comes down a little, and it takes effort to keep those big goals in sight.

It’s interesting how this process goes, isn’t it? We get all fired up each calendar year with the New Year whatever stuff, and within weeks, we lose sight of it. Sure, we’re still thinking about it, and we may still be doing some work, but the further we get from that palpable New Year energy, the more susceptible we are to settling for the rest of the year.

The rest of the year! I mean, come on…the rest of the year?

But it happens. Think about this in terms of the inevitable health and fitness goals that tend to be incorporated into New Year’s resolutions or goals. If we don’t stick with a certain something perfectly for six weeks, all of a sudden, we give up completely on any part of it. The old, “Well, forget it, I’ll just try again next year, and give me one of those donuts.” This is why there are seven different gyms in your neighborhood, all of them empty come February. We are prone to an all or nothing mentality, and we see failure as final.

It applies in terms of business too. We start off with a bunch of new ideas, maybe throwing new stuff out there, branching to new mediums or tactics, working with new methods, groups, or people. But when the clients or sales don’t start rolling in immediately, we’re all, “This is dumb. Not working. Check the box. On to the next system!” We’re very outcome focused, and sometimes fail to see the impact we’re having outside of one specific result.

Relationships. We have the best of intentions to connect with our friends on a regular basis. And we see everyone around the holidays and “make plans” to “do it more often!” It’s March. Have you seen anyone since January? So, so easy to fill time with things that are not nearly as meaningful to us as we’d like them to be. And before we know it, we’re getting together for 4th of July or Christmas again. We get bogged down in busy.

Certainly, a piece of this puzzle is not having priorities appropriately hashed out. There’s a lot of marketing noise at the beginning of the year, and it’s easy to feel like someone else’s goals are yours too. Another part of it is not putting attention toward the super fun (read: challenging and uncomfortable) work of figuring out the things that are important to you to accomplish over the course of the year. Part of it is knowing what execution looks like. And part of it is about expectations. Every piece of the puzzle takes effort.

For me, I laid out the priorities. I did the uncomfortable unpacking. But I missed the mark on expectations, and also, a bit on execution. And then, I did not exactly set myself up with the best support and accountability network. Roooookieeeee mistakes. Ugh.

But, here’s the thing – that does not mean quit, it does not mean give up, it does not even mean pivot and do it all differently. It means regroup, reset, reevaluate, and keep going.

In my case, it means continuing to do exactly what I’m doing, but with readjusted expectations and additional execution. What does the timeline really look like? Now I have a better idea. How much do I need to do this, and where? I have a much clearer picture after two months of practice. Who can support me and how? I’ve determined that, and asked the right people. I still have the same goals for the same big things, and even fewer doubts that I’ll be able to accomplish them (AND MORE) this year. No settling.

There’s a point here, and the point is that you don’t have to settle, no matter what has transpired, or not, so far in 2018. You are the one who sets the goal, the expectations, and the timeline for everything that’s meaningful to you. January doesn’t matter. Neither does March. External expectations of you and your priorities (real or perceived) don’t matter either. And whatever system or program anyone else is doing is of no consequence to you. Your path is your own.

That’s not always easy to remember. Believe me, I understand. Just know that I’m here quietly reminding you of that, because I often have to remind myself too. I’m also sometimes the one to more vigorously remind you. You can find your Big Arms, Big Life exactly how it works for you.

And I will remind you that while it’s 100% fine to do this on your own, it’s not always your best option. Sometimes, it leaves you frustrated, spinning your wheels, or about two seconds from throwing in the towel completely. I know I certainly learned that the hard way this year. Sometimes it’s worth more than you can even imagine at this moment to surround yourself with like-minded people going through similar situations and working toward finding their paths.

Sometimes, it’s easier to get the ping pong balls to stop pinging around inside your head when you can bounce them off of someone else.

BYBL Brainstorm | kourtney thomas fitness

That’s what Build Your Big Life is for. I’m a guide, but the other women in the group do equally as much guiding as we walk our paths together. It is the best place to get priorities, deep work, expectations, goals, and execution hashed out in a way that you’ve never experienced before. In a way that will continue to have real impact for you not only for the rest of the year, but the rest of your life. It’s a game-changer.

Says my BYBL friend Jennifer:

“By the end of the course, I had so many answers, and so many plans for where I want my life to go, that I would have spent months trying to figure out on my own. So, if you’re on the fence like I was or wondering if Build your Big Life is right for you, the answer is a resounding YES!”

If you are trying to figure this out on your own and you’re struggling, consider it. Registration is open for another ten days. At the very least, remember: keep going. I don’t want you to settle.

Even if this isn’t the right fit, right now, I’m always here to support you throughout the year. Sign up here.

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