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There are times when I’m not as consistent with my workouts as I’d like to be. Yes, believe it or not, it does happen to coaches too. And the last few months have been a bit crazy with work and life, so I was more off and less on than I like. But in the last few weeks, I started to gear up for some more regular training. I signed on with a new coach, and I wanted to do some prepping.

I took my time experimenting in the gym, messing around with different workouts and books and pieces of programs, and I spent some time running outside too. And, after my new home gym space got set up, I moved down there for the sake of convenience.

I’ve got a pretty good base of equipment. I’m missing some key stuff like a bench and a squat rack and dumbbells heavier than 15 pounds, but because I am one smart and creative MOFO, I am still good at coming up with effective workouts with whatever is available to me. (And that, side note, is one of my favorite parts about working with new one-on-one coaching clients.)

So, knowing that my new program was going to be upper body focused (Me?! Go figure! #bigarmsbiglife), I geared more of my workouts toward lower body. And since I had some old favorites that I hadn’t been working on, I decided to work that stuff in too. Even though I wasn’t quite as directed or consistent as I would have liked to be for those few weeks, I did have some fun doing different stuff and reacquainting myself with some love-hate moves.

And, lucky for you, I banked up some goodies to inspire you in your less-than-inspired moments. To start, here’s a lower body workout for you to check out in your very own home gym. Or regular gym. Or hotel gym. It’ll totally work wherever you want it to!

Trap bar deadlifts 6 sets, 8-10 reps, 60-90 secs rest

Dumbbell step ups 4 sets, 10-12 reps each side, 60-90 secs rest

Dumbbell front squat to overhead press 4 sets, 10-12 reps, 60 secs rest

Mini band lateral walks 3 sets, 20 steps each direction, 30 secs rest

I was done in about 30 minutes, my heart was pumping, and I got a pretty good sweat going. (I like to call it Fun and Pumpy.) I also felt my hamstrings and glutes like whoa the next day, so that was fun! Now, a few notes on equipment and whatnot…

  • You may be like, what the hell is a trap bar, and what am I supposed to do if I don’t have one? Easy peasy: substitute literally any deadlift. Romanian deadlift, single leg deadlift, barbell deadlift, dumbbells, kettlebells, any variation you like.
  • If you don’t have a box or a bench to step up on, I’m sure you have a chair handy. Just make sure it’s not going to move around on you.
  • And what about not having a mini-band? No worries, you can totally do the lateral walks without the band too. Also, I definitely highly recommend you invest the $3.95 to get one soon.

Lemme know what you think of this one, or what it inspired you to create for your own workout. I can’t wait to hear all about it! Oh, and if you want in on the rest of the Fun and Pumpy stuff I cooked up during my off weeks? You can sign up here for a bunch of great free workouts!


I’ve created six (count ’em: 6!) new Fun and Pumpy workouts for you, and I’m so excited for you to try them! Just click the image below to sign up, and they’ll be delivered straight to your inbox shortly!

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