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I did a Facebook and Instagram live yesterday sharing the story of what I often answer when asked, “So, what do you do?” It was a great getting-to-know-Kourtney situation, because I babbled on about it, just as I would if you asked me in person.

But really getting down to it, I want to be super clear.

What I do is:

Have an impact on how women are thinking about themselves, their bodies, and what they can do in life.

Ask a lot of questions, often slightly uncomfortable, many times centered around what you could do with your life if you stopped thinking about your body so much.

Create space to work through those layers.

Encourage choice and enjoyment, and defining that on your own terms.

I’m a facilitator. I don’t have a system. Interaction is different with every person I work with, and that’s the beauty of it. But it’s always about empowerment and autonomy, and how to find that for yourself.

And while fitness is a jumping off point for many conversations, it ends up a minority part of client relationships, and it’s always in the context of life. Not life in the context of fitness expectations.

So, if you need a statement, here are a few to choose from:

I guide women to finding clarity and empowerment in their bodies and lives while avoiding “shoulds” and systems about fitness and mindset.

I guide women to discover their clear path to living big in their bodies and lives, while avoiding the noise of inauthenticity and clutter.

I help women learn the connection between feeling powerful in their bodies and feeling powerful in their lives, while avoiding the stress of outside influence.

I guide women to finding a home in their bodies, enjoying movement, and avoiding guilt and shame in body image.

I show women a way to peel back the layers of how their self-image came to be, creating space for building it on their terms, while avoiding making decisions for them.

I help women find confidence in movement, revealing their path to confidence in life, without overcomplication.

There. That’s exactly what I do.

Methods? 1-1 coaching. Speaking and workshops. Build Your Big Life Coaching Group, which starts March 26.

Join me?

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