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Build Your Big Life Coaching

When I first got into fitness, that was really all it was for me. I figured out that I liked to run, and it was a good way to “stay in shape.” Beyond that, I didn’t put too much thought into it. It didn’t have a lot of meaning for me.

And even as I gained experience in the beginning of my personal training career, there was a lot lacking in my client sessions. There wasn’t a lot of connection beyond leading a client through a workout. There wasn’t a great deal of support outside of the gym. And not surprisingly, there was not always a ton of progress.

It took me years to learn the value of mindset, connection, growth, and change. It took me years to understand what it meant to be a coach.

Some of the craziest and most challenging experiences of my life have turned out to be the ones that have taught me the most. They’re the experiences that have allowed me to help others who are going through similar situations and struggles. And they’re the experiences that have shaped who I am and shown me what it’s like to truly discover what you stand for as a human being – and then to live it.

When I wasn’t sure I was ready to start my own business, I found the support and made the jump. It’s a hard road, but so worth it.

When I had to make difficult decisions about personal relationships, I sat with my feelings and determined, then enforced my boundaries. Those decisions have changed my life for the better.

When I started to make physical changes for myself, I examined all the conditioning that had been shaping my self-image for years. That awareness led to a whole new way of walking through the world.

When I was floundering and craved connection with like-minded women, I sought it out, as scared as I was to do it. And it rocked my world.

Big Arms, Big Life didn’t happen overnight. It took years of deeply emotional reflection. It took trial and error. Wading through uncomfortable feelings. Creating and enforcing boundaries for myself. But in the end, what it all boiled down to was choice.

I’m in control of my choices.

Choices for my body. For my business. For my relationships. For my life. And in taking charge of those choices, my life has grown bigger and fuller than I ever could have imagined.

Now, I want that for you.

Using upon my years of experience as a fitness and lifestyle coach, I’ve created a program to show you how to Build Your Big Life. Build Your Big Life Coaching is a 3-month intensive program for an intimate group of career-minded women interested in personal and professional growth, development, and empowerment through a healthy lifestyle and supportive, but directed, coaching and community.

This is the place if you’re ready, you’ve been feeling right on the verge, of big steps toward your Big Life. This is the place. 

 BYBL | KT Fitness

This small group of women is:

  • Career-focused and driven
  • Open-minded
  • Ready for change and next steps
  • Looking for a connected community
  • Into regular fitness
  • Prepared for honest communication and feedback
  • Excited by active interaction and reflection
  • Dedicated and committed to growth, the group, and themselves

This small group of women is not:

  • Interested only in a new fitness program
  • Closed-minded or my-way-or-the-highway
  • Lurkers and non-participants

In this three months, we’ll communicate via email, webinar, and Facebook group. We’ll cover topics from movement and body image, to money and wardrobe, to goals, motivations, values and priorities. We’ll communicate as a group, we’ll communicate one-on-one. We’ll have assignments. We’ll have discussions. Of course, we’ll have a workout program for the duration. And obviously, we’ll have fun.

And at the end of this three months? You can expect to see changes in yourself and progress toward your version of Big Arms, Big Life.

What you get:

  • Daily group coaching with Kourtney
  • Private Facebook group access
  • Three books sent to your doorstep
  • Weekly downloadable Reflections worksheets
  • Daily Facebook group prompts
  • Weekly video interaction – alternating between Video Coaching with Kourtney and interactive Zoom Meeting Happy Hours
  • A customizable fitness program divided into two six-week phases
  • One individual call with Kourtney to discuss your Big Life goals
  • OPTIONAL: In-person retreat to wrap up and meet your Big Life friends IRL

The Reflections, books, fitness program, and coaching videos are yours to keep. And your access to the private group sticks around forever. Best of all? The work you do in this group, the relationship you build with yourself, and with the other women in the group, will have an incredible and life-changing, lasting, effect.

Sound like somewhere you want to be? Sign up below to get on the waitlist for all the details and exclusive first access to program registration! The next group starts on August 14, 2017.

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