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There’s something brewing these days. It’s a vibrating undercurrent in the world, in homes, workplaces, all kinds of industries, and definitely in fitness. There’s an idea out there, a feeling, a question asking: is this what it’s all about? Is this status quo for me? Or am I meant for more, for bigger things? For all the women who feel it deep inside their hearts, minds, and bodies, I’m with you. And that question, that feeling, is a big part of my work. Talking about the status quo, conditioning, societal and cultural expectations, and the stories we tell ourselves. Walking hand in hand with my clients as they discover all the layers of what has shaped their self-worth and confidence. And stepping back and supporting them as they uncover their whys, walking the path to a Bigger Life. It’s physical, sure. But it’s more than that. Beyond just training for Big Arms, I’m into big change.

Recently, I gave a speech at a fitness conference. I was nervous as hell to do it. I wrote and re-wrote it about six different times. I was fired up, and I wasn’t sure how to convey that fire appropriately and productively. I was concerned about how the material would be received by the audience. But I knew it had to be said.

And when the time came, I felt…OK about it. I remember thinking to myself, well, it’s done. For a few days, I wasn’t sure how it went over. But little by little, message by message, the feedback came rolling in: this was big stuff.

What I said had an impact.

For coaches and trainers, men and women, and enthusiasts alike, my message was well-received and positive. And that was all I needed to know to feel confident in continuing to deliver it as strongly and widely as possible.

This particular presentation was not recorded, but I did have the opportunity to discuss it on a podcast recently. You’ll hear snippets of the actual presentation, as well as further discussion about the concepts and how they affect fitness from a coaching, and a client perspective. It is my sincere hope that you’ll enjoy the conversation, and most importantly, continue it. It’s a presentation I hope to give time and time again, at every fitness conference, retreat, and clinic I possibly can across the country.

This message? It’s that important. I hope you’ll join me in sharing it.

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