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personal training

The guidance you need to develop the body (and body confidence) you've always wanted from a personal trainer who's personally invested in your positivity, mindset & meeting of your goals. — Learn more

virtual training

The epitome of efficiency. Virtual training with the same support you'd have as an in-person client, pushing you to your limit, no matter how many miles lie between us. — Learn more


running coaching

Ongoing running coaching to help you beat the competition, beat your personal best, or beat out that nagging voice in your head that isn't sure you can cross the finish line. — Learn more

hybrid performance coaching

Ongoing hybrid coaching to prepare you for concurrent strength and endurance events. Specialized programming that packs one heckuva punch—all while meeting your complex & complicated goals. — Learn more


All work and no results makes Jane eat frosting out of the can.

(Don’t worry—we’ve all been there.)

I know how it goes. There’s been blood, sweat and tears—but mostly tears. Because despite the fistfulls of “miracle” diet pills, juice cleanses that have cleansed you of your will to live, and bank-draining gym memberships that haven’t seen the bright light of day?

You’re stuck.

The scale isn’t budging.

Your max reps aren’t building.

And with your fists clenched, you realize how f#$%ing frustrated you are from constantly feeling less than completely alive.

This place of distilled determination is where rubber of your running shoes meets the road. Where the cool steel of a squat rack meets the palm of your open hands.

And where you meet your goals.

Because getting fit should be fulfilling.

Zero overwhelm. Zero complications. Just easily managed changes in your daily routines that help you take charge. After all, everyone has to start somewhere, and every small step in the right direction is still a step in the right direction.

Let’s get your  jaw-dropping, dress-zipping, power-posing results.

Take Your First Small Step