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This is the place for exploring possibilities – body, mind, and more. I’ll send you weekly emails packed with all the best stuff to build your Big Arms, Big Life.

Hi! I'm Kourtney
& I'm here to help
you start living a bigger life

In working with hundreds of clients, I've learned that every woman has a complicated, emotional, and uniquely personal relationship with her body. It’s never just about the weight or the physical goals.

it’s about:

  • confidence
  • mindset
  • quality relationships
  • enjoyment in life

It’s always about more than the muscles.

And while I am the biggest advocate you’ll ever meet for Big Arms (seriously, check out my guns on Instagram), I’m an even bigger proponent of living a Big Life.

When we work together—from anywhere in the world through my virtual coaching program—we’re going to keep it real and personal, on purpose. I won’t just give you a training plan—I will be your partner in creating your unique version of a Big Life.

Working with me is all about exploring new possibilities – physical, emotional, and mental. Are you ready to discover your Big Life?